16 August 2014

Message from my Heart

"Thank you, dear God for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough." ~ Garrison Keiller

Always be obliging to others
Because your probability to again is low.
Crippling hands should not be yours
Destroying and damaging the world,
Encouraging others' heartache and heartbreak.
For if you are a humane citizen,
Giving to others mean more than receiving.
Haughty mind should never reach you
Instead be the follower of silence
Joining your heart and soul 
Keeping in touch with simplicity.
Love your precious
Mother and priceless father,
Nothing can compete
Or try being same as them.
Peolple might fight and
Quarrel in their meaningless
Relationships like those
Soulless and thoughtless beings,
Try not as them, try for the best
Unless you enjoy fruition as your
Voluntary triumph of greatness.
Wrestle with difficulties of
Xl magnitude because
You believe that you can do
Zealously in your everyday life.

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