4 August 2014

I need to express myself

"Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, 14 August 2013
Two hours journey from Bagdogra to Delhi was great but our journey didn't end there. We had another flight to go. The flight time was at two thirty, now it was roughly twelve, there was ample of time. Our luggage would be transferred by the crew, we need not had to worry about them. Ugyen’s father guided us to CafĂ©. We sat, for the lunch. I had no idea what he had requested for the lunch. 

Waiting for few minutes a man came with four plates of rolled bread and mini cup of pickle that rested beside the plate. Ugyen didn't want to take as he explained of his headache. Yonten took it. I just cut the bread, in my surprise I discovered sausage embedded in the bread. I am a vegetarian, how can I take this. I waited for some time with a feeling that Yonten could explain for me but he was busy. Now, many feelings were going inside me. My heart said I am a vegetarian how can I take it? And my brain opposed my heart What Ugyen’s father will think if I don’t take. I was in big dilemma. I took time to think. Looking at Yonten, he had already swallowed oneand was preparing for the second one while Ugyen was busy in his phone and his father was nearly done.

Looking back at Nityam, she was taking something with her mom. I was confident that Yonten knew that I am vegetarian but he had no reaction at all. Sometimes I felt if I was him so that I could explain about myself to Ugyen’s father. But he was busy.  Finally I decided to take whatever it mightbe. I had not taken meat since from my birth and I remembered my feelings of uneasiness when once I tried but never tried after that.

After that everything happened with reluctance. Reluctantly I picked the spoon and fork, cut the sausage and could feel the flesh being cut. Then I separated bread and sausage. Chopped the sausage in front of them as if I was going to eat. I peered at Ugyen’s father he was busy staring at the people. Then I took the bread reluctantly and slowly, in the slowest movement. This was my slowest meal I ever had. Three minutes to separate bread from sausage. Three minutes to chop the bread majestically. Two minutes to prepare the bread. One minute to take a spoonful of bread and might be an hour to finish it, if nobody moved. Fortunately, Ugyen’s father left, maybe for the bill and finally in split of seconds my uneasiness was gone. Ugyen looked at me and tasted the sausage, “Are you vegetarian?” I nodded, what to do I have already taken but hope it would have no effect as I took only bread. We left the table. I left it unfinished.

We moved straight followed by several turns, we filed upstairs, downstairs and then, everywhere. The temperature was around thirty to thirty five. I was having little headache and feeling uneasy too.  We went inside the hall. The hall was crowded. There were many, waiting like us and some passing the door way while others were sitting. The time arrived and now it was time to leave.

Finally we went outside towards our plane. This little headache in mine was making me reluctant to go in plane but there was no alternative. With little time left with us we got inside the plane. This time I was sitting on seat number 20D, little front from my previous flight seat. Now my seat partner was a little chubby girl. Beside her there sat a man maybe of twenty five to thirty. I was feeling groggy. I did not want to talk with them like my previous flight seat mate. May be they heard my thoughts because they did not ask me even a word. For the whole flight of two hours, we dissolved in silence.

The time was around five twenty five. The plane was landing and finally we reached in the Hyderabad Airport, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking and talking about Hyderabad. Whenever my relatives ask me of my placement I just replied ‘Hyderabad’, whenever my friends ask me about my placement I just replied ‘Hyderabad’ every time they ask me I replied what I replied Hyderabad, nothing more than this. Now I have reached Hyderabad and I could really feel it. We got out of the plane and rush for our luggage. It was cold and I was feeling cool.

We waited near the convey-er belt for some times for our luggage. Numerable bags glided over the belt and my eyes was searching for my bag. First Ugyen’s bags, then Nityam’s but no sign of mine and Yonten’s. We took time to wait and waiting for several minutes then only our bags turned up their way. We got the bags. Put on the trolley and got ready for the way. We went outside for our way. I could really see and feel the cleanliness of Airport. The green trees stoodd high in line, row by row, column by column along the wide highway. Green dustbins laid everywhere. People were busy in their own worlds. We stepped here and there not knowing where to go. Meanwhile Ugyen’s father called Tandin, a Bhutanese student who is studying law in Osmania University. The Department of Adult and Higher Education (DAHE) gave us his number so that we could get help from him. Nityam’s mother called him again. We waited outside and we didn't know how we were going to know him because we had not met our gazes but just in call. We looked everywhere hoping him to come to us.

Fortunately he turned to us wishing us “Good evening” I nodded my head to wish him the same. All of us wished him the same. He exchanged few words with Nityam’s mom and Ugyen’s father. Then guided us to his place. It took almost an hour to reach his home from the airport. The night came as we moved. Deep in my thought I had the feeling that I have reached Hyderabad and my concern was how I will be able to manage to stay here for some days because he said that there is no hostel at our college. So that addsed uneasiness to my life. After all to stay in a rented apartment is not so easy. For first we need to find a room, buy the kitchen utensils and other necessary items as bed and mattress that will suck all our pocket money. After an hour we reach to his place Tarnaka. 

I am happy, healthy, wealthy, genius, bold, peaceful, hopeful, self-confident, energetic, enthusiastic and determined. My concentration power is increasing everyday. I can do all the things through the power of my own subconscious mind. God bless one and all.

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