11 August 2014

♥ A Votary of hers

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”  ~ William Shakespeare

Always be there in my eyes
her ravishing face, the great
greater is her simplicity of beauty.
The ever found I have
for she suits me all
and I will suit her well.
The way she drives her life
really fills me with joyfulness
and eternally it will do in me
unless she turns to me
and watch my life passing pleasingly.
Stunningly beautiful she is,
like those flowers in spring do.
She is sublimely wondrous
like the crystal snow of winter does,
dazzling rain of summer she is,
yielding splendid rainbow of adoration.
Then my heart would float over it
and swim down gloriously
feeling her true warmth of glory.
Like those falling mousy leaves
of autumnal season she is,
falling gradually from high
with complete peace and silence,
making me think of her inborn simplicity.
Now she has become entire world to me
and even a split of second I mind to miss her.

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