14 August 2014

A Joke through a Lie

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~ Charlie Chaplin

This happened yesterday, when I and two of my good friends were chatting during the lunch break. They were very interested in knowing more about me and my life. They kept on asking everything about me, about my personal life and my days in my country.

With little thoughts that kept swimming in my mind, I made my mind to tell a great lie to them. But I wasn't sure if they believed me or not. Here is our conversations:

ME, myself
HE, a good friend of mine
OTHER HE, other friend of mine

Time : Lunch Time (12:12:12 pm)

SCENE: Now the lunch time is almost over. Three of them ME, HE and OTHER HE, are standing beside the
class having a chatter. HE and OTHER HE are eagerly waiting for their questions' answers from ME.

HE: How do you feel now?

ME: [Smiling.] Glad and great, because I have good friends like you two.

OTHER HE: [Grinning. Nodding.] Uh-huh! So what you will do after you finish your degree?

ME: [Smiling.] After graduation we have to return to our country and do entrance exam for the job. If we get through that's good but if not then, no chance. What about you two?

HE: We will do post graduate.

ME: [Cocking.] That sounds great.

(HE sees other friends passing, passes his messages to them, while  OTHER HE jumps to another topic.)

OTHER HE:[Blinking.] So did you have lunch?

ME: [Grimacing.] No. I didn't have.

OTHER HE: [With eagerness.] Why?

ME: [With look-see around him] Because I have neither wife nor girlfriend to cook for me. Even no ex-girlfriend who can cook for me.

OTHER HE: [With belly laugh.] Oh! That's the reason. Then why don't you cook in the morning.

(HE joins us hearing OTHER HE's laughter.)

ME: [Deluding.] If I cook in the morning, it gets cold by lunch which I don't like at all. I love freshly cooked one. That's my style.

HE: [Pulling a face.] That won't be my style if I am hungry.

OTHER HE:  Do you have any girlfriends in your country?

HE: [Waits with eagerness, eyeballing at ME.]

ME: [Simpering.] Girlfriends? Forget about this. I am married. I have a wife and three children.

HE: [Suspecting.] Oh! 

OTHER HE: [With suspicion.] Are you sure?

ME: [Chuckling.] Yeah. Sure. In addition to my wife, I have three girlfriends. Do you want one?

HE: [Giggling.] How is she? Beautiful?

ME: [Biting his lip.] Sure. If you want I will bring next time when I return from my country.

ME: [Turning to OTHER HE.] You don't have girl friends?

OTHER HE: [Palling.] I don't have.

ME: Shall I bring one for you also. You can ask from me. [Smiling.]

OTHER HE: [Sniggering.] I am not interested in it.

HE: What is your age? How old are you?

ME: [Reckoning. Smiling.] I am 3o years old.

OTHER HE: You are telling lie. Then tell me your year of birth?

ME: [Thinking of his age.] Maybe 1980s or......

He: [Interrupts.] Now we knew your lie. You are telling us a great lie. If you're 1980s then you are 33 years old. How come you are 30?

ME: [Accepting.] That means I am 33 years old. Right? You see how old I am.

(HE and OTHER laugh with a toothy grin, while ME joins the scene. The time ripens. They leave for the class.)


  1. That was nice chattering passing away lunch break.

  2. Lolx! I don't think they will believe you. Your face is so baby face. Won't fit for 33 years old. :D

  3. Thanks brother Sangay for your comment. Ma'am Rima, I will accept you as I accepted my friends and about 'baby face' I will take time to think lol.