4 March 2014

You are Yourself

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."  ~ Oscar Wilde

I am Myself...
My inspirational dynamic author Robin Sharma dynamically mentions, “There will never be a better you than you.” May I borrow his words and say, “There is never a better every individual than every individual.” Each one of us is god’s the most fruitful invention and the greatest creation.

Every time a child is born every time each brings new face with new characteristics. And the most amazing thing is, all are thoroughly different, an invention, an exceptional-invention. There are innumerable human beings in this world and there is not even a single pair with the exact same,though twins may look same but they are not exactly.Same as that, our behaviour and character differs a lot from each other even within our family members.

Every individual has its own natural ability and aptitude to drive its life; that’s the most beautiful branch of our life and in fact the greatest gift awarded to us by Sir God. But the fact is many us of do not realize this gift and we leave this page unturned and unnoticed. Every one of us must feel our own presence and feel the rights to make at least a difference because each one of us has our own powerful potential to do it, unlimited potential to yield magnificence. Each one of us must try to contribute our unique contribution to the world and prove the world that we can. We already possess the power, the only thing is we need to realize it and display to world.

We must never feel ourselves as burden and hate ourselves when the things do not turn as we wish, because: In my past school days I have often noticed my friends losing hope and becoming hopeless with their life. When the things go away from their wish and when they are unable to do same as their friends. I have heard some saying “I am giving up,” while others kept daydreaming and decreasing. Only few could realize it and move forward. 

Remember we and our friends are not same. We have different abilities and aptitudes. We can’t do what they can do and they can’t do what we can. Our friends maybe good in study and if we are not good at that then we may be good in other fields as in games, culture or others. That is our unique aptitude. So do not let our hope go away from us. Losing hope can never bring fruition; it has no medicine at all. Once we lose hope, it is very difficult to build it. It’s just like a wall. Building wall takes time and determination, breaking wall takes no time. 

Life is not all about waiting for the things to happen, it's all about discovering and rediscovering by ourselves. So keep moving yourself with yourself towards your giant and great goals with constant enthusiasm.

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