"I write from my soul. This is the reason that critics don't hurt me, because it is me. If it was not me, if I was pretending to be someone else, then this could unbalance my world, but I know who I am." ~ Paulo Coelho

As I quoth, I always wanted to write for I read, notepad and pen used to be my kindred spirits where I pour down my thoughts passably. During leisure, I would get busied scribbling and scrawling both my commonsense and nonsense thoughts. The appreciative self I have is, during pastime I would revise and study theme meaningfully, re-writing them anew in much efficacious ways.

With galloping modernization, information technology has always been succoring our life in easier and faster manners. And one such sphere is blogging where innumerable passionate writers across the globe have deployed for expressing their inexhaustible thinking. Now, the window of your mind is opened where you can express and externalize your feelings and rest is done, I mean automatically your feelings will be heard by the world. Blogging has effectively given me the best platform. I will evermore treasure its immense measure.

If I remember, neighborly in the end month of February 2014, I sincerely took time to browse 'blog' in the Google that always serves the purpose.  At one time, I found the link being shared in Facebook by one of  Bhutanese bloggers, curiously, I took time to browse it and it was really encouraging for an interested writer like me. Then, watched some related video clips. Accordingly, I did it, step by step, back-to-back. In a twinkling, I did it, there was my blog, which needed much make-up. From time to time, I changed its template. I copied the article from my laptop which I had written very long time ago, it gave way to my first article of blog. 

The unsuitable thing I did was, I had numbers of poems, since I didn't have any idea about labels, I wrote ten poems in one page which was titled as 'Poetry.' I riffled through one of the Bhutanese blogs and from there I came to know that there were incalculable Bhutanese bloggers. I took time to browse and the blogs gave me much enthusiasm to head ahead in the field of blogging.

I cannot assure you on which topics I blog since it depends upon my thinking and thinking is after all a far-reaching birth of mind and, "Mind is everything. What you think you become," as quoth by Buddha. My direct say is, I blog on everything dawning from my personal interests and issues. Naturally, I write essays, short stories, poems, articles and other writings, those are arbitrarily arranged, expressing myself extremely enthusiastically. Though I screamingly love writing poems, story and essay do not fail to update me.

Thought-folio...drawing the pictures of my own unspoken heart, has been travelling the depth of my mind and heart, expressing every bits and pieces of my feelings. I shall let it to mine gold, for I am a gold mine of mine. Indeed, everyone of us is.

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