2 December 2014

Thinking to Within

"Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others." ~ Henry Drummond

Life is, but only a holy dream
Like a morning dewdrop of realm,
Where uncertainty keeps haunting
Never, in the fact of finding.
Where is the Happiness of mine?
Where is the Elysium of thine?
Those we deserve a whole lot
In our iffy lifetime’s slot.
Should I travel distant sea?
For the guardian glee.
Or should you fly high sky?
For the bliss of battle cry.
High sky and distant sea?
Neither of them, serves us to a tee.
Then please teach me
For my pleasant plea.
Should I swim in the money?
To gather my sugary honey.
Or should you buy an iphone?
For your best life’s tone.
Or should we own bold gold?
For heaven’s eternal hold.
Money, iphone, gold?
They would make our blood run cold.
Then please preach me
For my pleasant plea,
Where should I yearn for my core
For my idyllic happiness ore.
Can I find it in the thoughts I think?
Or in the life’s perception I drink?
Happiness is found in inner-self
In yourself as an elf.
You need not have to travel distant sea
Nor have to jump high sky as flea.
Dig the depth of your life
Where things seem rife,
Accept obstacle as stepping stone
And be a success’ clone.
Happiness is found there
And then everywhere.
Let past die and future come
Live the present that is plum.
Complain less, appreciate more
Accept things to adore
Happiness is found there
And then everywhere.
Free your heart from hatred
And feel all as sacred,
Don’t be jealous of others
Be zealous of yours.
Happiness is found there
And then everywhere.
Live with your family
And be in sanity, happily.
Leap and help others
As our brothers and mothers.
Happiness is found there
And then everywhere.
Think positive healthy thought
Life will reward you stealthy nought.
Happiness is found here
And then everywhere.